Hello there 👋

My name is Leandro Simões, but you can call me Le. I’m Software Developer from Brazil, Assistant Professor and hold a master’s degree in Computer Science from UFJF.

I’ve been working with Node, Typescript, React, AWS, but I have interests in other languages like Rust or Vala (and someday I would like to contributing with Pop Os or Elementary OS – maybe would be my next project).




I have been working on new open source project called Firma, it is a tool for engage employees help each others and help charity institutions. Feel free to join in this trip with me.

Node Typescript React Mongo

SQS Huge Message

If you are having problems with SQS limit message size and working with Node/Typescript, maybe my package could help you.

Node Typescript

Shaolim - The Bot

Or maybe you are a professor and look for a way to engage your students. Yeah, I know! Some times it is a tough task, right? Maybe you could get some ideas from my project Shaolim, its a discord bot that help students find recorded classes (or other learning resources).

Node Firebase API AI

About ++


Master Degree [2017]

I finished my Master Degree in Computer Sciente at UFJF and I published scientific papers in national and international conferences in Software Engineering.


Assistant Professor [2018 - 2021]

I worked as Assistant Professor at four universities and teached dozens of students.


Software Developer [2016]

I’ve been working in a lot of web projects in Ecommerce (Payments, Catalog, Gift Card Provider), Customer Experience, ChatBots, Built a low code platform, Worked with Cloud Services.


Bootcamp Professor [2021]

I’ve been working as bootcamp professor teaching dozend of students from ZERO to Web Full Stack HERO.